After my recent blog post received so much support, I decided to send it via email to each Tennessee state representative and senator.  That’s over 100 folks, folks!  Along with the link to the blog, I offered my help to make a change with this Testing Beast in Tennessee.

Guess how many responded?  Three.  Of those, only two responded with meaningful words: Joe Pitts and Bryan Terry.  Ok…ok…it has only been a week.  Maybe they need more time!  Or…maybe they need to hear from more of you!  If you are from Tennessee and aren’t sure who your legislators are, head here: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/

Parents, please check out the following blog to find out what you can do NOW.  These parents are Tennessee-based, but the info could help any parent whose kiddos are being subjected to this foolishness.  If you aren’t following these mommas, you need to be!  They are THE TRUTH!


Share their post to get their ideas to every parent you can!  And use #choosetorefuse.  This CAN be stopped!